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November 19, 2015
Community Investment

Charity work 

Flying Start is British Airways’ global charity partnership with Comic Relief UK. The aim is to raise money to help children living incredibly tough lives in the UK and around the world. Every child deserves a Flying Start and all money raised will go to children's projects in the cities where we fly.

The projects focus on giving children and their families a helping hand (rather than a handout) to help create lasting change. Flying Start is helping to give street children access to education, giving young carers a break from looking after sick family members and vaccinating babies and children against deadly viruses. Comic Relief is skilled in tackling the issues at the heart of world poverty, while British Airways is known for its involvement in communities around the world. That's why this unique partnership is such a winning combination, with the power to transform lives at a local level, on a global scale. 

British Airways has raised £11.5m for Flying start. For more information, click here:

British Airways also supports charities local to our UK airports. Applications for support will be accepted from registered charities only and should be made in writing on charity headed paper each December. Organisations are advised if they have been successful in January each year.

For more details on the work we support and how to apply for support, click here.


The British Airways Community Learning Centre (CLC), next to British Airways’ headquarters at Waterside, runs educational programmes for local schools and colleges that focus on aviation and link to the school curriculum.

Work experience

British Airways' work experience programme provides young people with an insight into big business and a unique opportunity to understand what goes on at one of the world's largest airlines. Since 2009 more than 1,000 students from schools and colleges have attended five-day placements with British Airways. We work with more than 20 host departments to ensure that weeks are informative and enjoyable, leaving students inspired by the BA brand.
The programme is extremely popular and students are advised to apply early. 

Community and conservation

The British Airways Communities and Conservation Programme (BACC) supports 30 community and conservation organisations with an allocation of space available tickets, excess baggage waivers and cargo.

Tickets are "guest of BA" and customers on this type of ticket will only be given a seat once all commercial passengers have been checked-in.

Applications for support can only be accepted from UK registered charities and should be made in writing on charity headed paper each November. Organisations are advised if they have been successful at the end of December. Please see for more details on the work we support and how to apply for support.

Fact Sheets