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January 26, 2017
British Airways twitter celebrates hitting 1M followers

British Airways has chalked up its one millionth follower on twitter today, making it the UK’s most popular airline on the platform. And to celebrate, twitter followers had a treat today with an exclusive video featuring racing star Jenson Button flying an A380 flight simulator.

@British_Airways attracts between five and six thousand new followers a week, and has more than doubled its numbers since becoming a 24 hour operation two years ago. 

The airline now has nearly twice as many followers of any other UK carrier, and counted down to the big milestone to say “Thanks a million” to their 1,000,000th follower at 1.30pm.

Last year British Airways received 622,088 tweets, allowing it to share in the excitement of the build up to a long-awaited holiday, photos of views out the aircraft window and help ask questions about travel plans. 

The airline has been asked about pretty much everything in that time.  Here are some of the most unusual requests:

@British_Airways Is flying barefoot allowed? – as in arriving, checking in, boarding etc? – reason for asking, short story is lost a bet :P

@British_Airways Can I transport a Syrian hamster from Manchester to Malta?

@British_Airways Hi Is there any way to find the album which was played in the LHR T5 departure toilets yesterday around 6-7am?

@British_Airways Am taking cheese to South Africa. What temp in the hold will the case be in please?

@British_Airways Hi! I’m wondering if I can bring my pet pig Knepper with me on your airplane?

And the team also found time to chat about the weather 3,100 times in 2016, well it is British Airways, after all.

Director of Customer Troy Warfield said:

“Twitter gives us a unique opportunity to have conversations with the most important people at the airline: our customers.

“Welcoming a million customers to the British Airways social media family is a great vote of confidence in the hard work our twitter team does to make sure our customers get the very best out of their journeys with us.”

British Airways followers have been watching racing star Jenson Button enjoy flying through the skies after piloting a British Airways A380 flight simulator at Heathrow Airport.

Watch the video here>

The former World Champion - who recently announced his retirement from the track - spent 90 minutes perfecting take-off, cruise and landing of the world's largest commercial aircraft.


Notes to editor

Twitter followers for other airlines:

Virgin 530,000
easyJet 399,000
Ryanair 280,000
Monarch 116,000
Thomson 133,000
Thomas Cook 117,000
Norwegian 68,000
Flybe 59,000

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